Polyurethane binders from Dow were used in the track underlayment at Olympic Stadium, helping protect the track from wear and providing a safe surface for athletes.Iceberg Skating PalaceQuick-drying waterborne traffic markings from Dow helped London traffic follow the temporary street patterns needed for the Olympic Games.Ski JumpBolshoyHigh-strength insulation materials from Dow helped meet high structural and energy efficiency demands for the handball venue’s inverted roof.Resins from Dow helped provide a durable, soft and safe field for the 380 athletes competing in more than 75 field hockey matches during the Games.The planet is our stadium.Dow's London 2012 Stadium Wrap Reused in Rio to Benefit Social ProjectIceberg Skating PalaceAdler ArenaDow's Solutions for Sochi Olympic Winter GamesRoofing Insulation from Dow was used in the Olympic Village apartments to protect 17,000 athletes and officials from the elements.Dow's Stand Out Taxi Cabs in LondonBolshoyLondon’s Olympic Stadium was “wrapped” with fabric based on innovative solutions from Dow Elastomers, following the highest performance requirements.Racing Toward Sustainable Solutions at the Olympic GamesSustainable Future: Dow & Sochi 2014 Carbon PartnershipNew sustainable solutions for road-marking -- Dow's FASTRACKSolutions by Dow in the London 2012 Olympic GamesBolshoyLuger in the re-designed sledIce Cube Curling Center Dow develops new, improved sleds for USA LugeLondon 2012 Olympic Stadium Wrap - Dow Solutions at WorkFlexible coating materials from Dow were used on the cycling track’s indoor flooring surface, helping to prevent visual elements from cracking and peeling.Shayba Arena