Dow and the Olympic Games

A Tradition of Support Since 1980.
Official Worldwide Partner Since 2010.

  1. 2012
    1. London 2012 Olympic Games
      London 2012 Olympics

      Dow provided improvements to infrastructure and the environmental legacy that helped make the London 2012 Olympic Games successful. Learn more about Dow Solutions at Play

  2. 2010
    1. Vancouver 2010 Winter Games
      • Official supplier to the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
      • STYROFOAM™ Brand products used in the energy-efficient construction of:
        • Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre
        • Richmond Olympic Oval
        • Olympic Village Vancouver
        • UBC Thunderbird Arena
        • Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Centre
        • Whistler Sliding Centre and
        • Whistler Olympic Park
        • Dow spray polyurethane foam insulation and sealants used in the building envelope and on the concrete sliding track at the Whistler Sliding Centre
        • Official sponsor of Canadian Bobsled, Skeleton and Luge Teams
        • Official sponsor of USA Luge and Speedskating Teams
  3. 2000
    1. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
      Beijing 2008 Olympics
      • Official sponsor of USA Cycling Team
      • Official sponsor of Chinese National Badminton Team
    2. Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games
      Torino 2006 Olympics
      • Official sponsor of USA Luge and USA Speedskating Teams
      • STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation and DOWEX™ Ion Exchange Technology used in the speedskating venues
    3. Athens 2004 Olympic Games
      Athens 2004 Olympics
      • STYROFOAM™ Brand ROOFMATE™ Insulation used in the roof and terrace areas of the Faliro Complex
      • STYROFOAM Brand WALLMATE™ Insulation used to efficiently warm/cool buildings, reception offices, changing rooms and gyms within the Faliro Complex, Sports Pavilion and Volleyball Center
      • Official sponsor of USA Cycling Team
    4. Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games
      Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics
      • Established the “Endowed Athlete Tuition Assistance Fund” in support of the U.S. Olympic Committee
      • PELADOW™ Calcium Chloride Pellets kept walks clear and safe for athletes, volunteers and spectators
      • PELLETHANE™ ThermoplasticPolyurethane (TPU) Elastomers used to make a skeleton racing shoe
      • STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation insulated 13 Olympic facilities
      • DOWEX™ Ion Exchange Resins used in the Speedskating Oval along with heat transfer fluids
      • Official sponsor of USA Speedskating Team
    5. Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
      Sydney 2000 Olympics

      Official sponsor of USA Cycling Team

  4. 1990
    1. Nagano 1998 Olympic Winter Games
      Nagano 1998 Olympics
      • Official sponsor of USA Bobsled Team
      • Dow begins sponsorship of USA Speedskating Team
    2. Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games
      Atlanta 1996 Olympics

      Dow begins sponsorship of USA Cycling Team

    3. Lillehammer 1994 Olympic Winter Games
      Lillehammer 1994 Olympics

      Official sponsor of USA Bobsled Team

  5. 1980
    1. Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games
      Calgary 1988 Olympics
      • STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation used in the construction of ski jumps and the bobsled run in Calgary
      • TACTIX™ Performance Polymer used to produce several sleds for the USA Bobsled Team
    2. Lake Placid 1980 Olympic Winter Games
      Lake Placid 1980 Olympics

      Significant donations of STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation used in ice skating rinks and bobsled runs