Technical Partnership with USA Luge

Dow is engineering, designing and developing the first brand-new sleds for USA Luge in almost 20 years. The use of composites researched and engineered by Dow’s Materials Science team exclusively to USA Luge led to significant accomplishments versus the materials used for the sleds in the past.

Dow has been applying expertise in Materials Science, advanced R&D resources (like computer modeling, Optical scanning of 3D Geometry) and technologies provided by the Company to customers in markets such as Automotive, Infrastructure, Consumer Goods, Transportation, Building & Construction to develop faster and more reliable sleds for USA Luge.

The partnership started with inputs on the kuffens (runners) of the sleds, but quickly evolved to improvements to the entire structure. After a little more than one year of close partnership and interaction on this new project, USA Luge athletes competing with sleds enhanced by Dow technologies are running faster and enjoying the several improvements on their sleds. The work underway with USA Luge is the perfect example of how Dow R&D works with customers to understand their challenges and come up with innovative, tailor-made solutions for complex problems.