Dow’s Solutions at the Bolshoy Ice Dome

Of all the venues for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, the Bolshoy Ice Dome is sure to be one of the most
impressive – reflecting Russia’s cultural tradition while also welcoming the world to a modern, elaborate performance complex. Dow worked with local partners to provide a number of products and solutions to this remarkable facility.

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  • Bolshoy Ice Dome – Anticorrosion Coatings

    Anticorrosion Coatings

    Anticorrosion Coatings exhibit excellent adhesion and film integrity in order to provide superior protection from corrosion and environmental conditions like moisture and UV.

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  • Bolshoy Ice Dome – DOWCAL Heat Transfer Fluids

    DOWCAL™ heat transfer fluids and technology

    From ice skating surfaces to HVAC systems, DOWCAL™ heat transfer fluids enable consistent temperatures while providing corrosion protection, reducing equipment maintenance costs.

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  • Bolshoy Ice Dome – DOW ENDURANCE Compounds

    DOW ENDURANCE™ compounds

    DOW ENDURANCE™ family of semiconductive and insulation materials will provide reliability and long service life to power cables serving the venue.

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  • Bolshoy Ice Dome – DOW SPECFLEX


    DOW SPECFLEX™ polyurethane systems were used to produce the VIP guest seats, contributing aesthetics, comfort and durability.

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  • Bolshoy Ice Dome – WALOCEL

    WALOCEL™ and other construction additives

    Used in the concrete plate floor under the ice, contributed to enhanced flow, open-time and workability of the mixture during application.

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